Soul Book Journeys Reviews:

“I am so glad I made it out to Venice (Soul Book Gathering) today. It was better than I expected. Totally worth the long bus ride back home. 
I walked into a place I had never been to. Sat and talked with people I had never met before. That is HUGE for me. I am most definitely an introvert. So this was completely going out of my norm. I am tired of my norm. 
It was so good to sit and work on something so hugely important…as is your…SOUL. It was great to share the love of art and creativity with others. It did my heart and soul good.” Alma Hernandez


“It was such a blessing to attend and start my soulbook but most importantly to be in the presence of Blanca giving the gift of herself to the soulbook women. it was amazing to watch.Carrie Gonnel