The Soul Bool Journey

FREE Experience!

On Saturday 2/24/18 from 2pm- 5pm at The Learning Garden, 13000 Venice Blvd. Venice, CA

((Please print the list of Supplies and instructions here. )) and words for anyone who wants to do Soul Book here

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In this empowering workshop made popular by Melody Ross of Brave Girls club, We will create our very own unique chunky and artsy soul book filled with all the things our heart knows but sometimes forgets.

Sometimes things happen in our lives and our worlds that leave us feeling hopeless, defeated or just plain sad. There are times when we cannot do much about it, but we can always make sure we can do the best thing for us, over that we have control. Our perspectives, our feelings and emotions and our thoughts.

This experience will equip you with some self-awareness to gear yourself up to handle tough situations and remind you of the truths about your soul and the things you tend to forget. It will also be a beautiful reminder that we can do Brave things and beautiful things in the midsts of chaos.

We will have fun together connecting and crafting a personalized soul book for those rough days.

Bring cardboards( preferible cut them 9×6) at least 10 pieces, scissors, glue sticks and mod podge, meaningful photographs of yourself, magazines to cut out from, fabrics, ribbons, first aid or fabric tape, washi tape, patterned paper or scrapbook paper, your favorite acrylic paints, brushes, pallet knife, and old white candle to rub on your finished pages and wax paper to put between your pages, a bit of lace, clothing, things that make you happy…vintage book pictures, note cards, event tickets and any other embellishments you may have at home.

I will provide some other art supplies you can use too!

Email me at to sign up! Space is limited to 10.

Thank you! See you there!





What people are saying:

“I am so glad I made it out to Venice. It was better than I expected. Totally worth the long bus ride back home. I walked into a place I had never been to. Sat and talked with people I had never met before. This is HUGE for me. I am most definitely an introvert. So this was completely going out of my norm. I am tired of my norm.

It was so good to sit and work on something hugely important… as is your SOUL. It was great to share the love of art and creativity with others. It did my heart and soul good!”Alma Hernandez.



This is a community garden/urban garden run by volunteers. Please try to arrive early if you need to find street parking. The gate is on Walgrove (not Venice Blvd).

Make sure you brings a snack and water, and a sweater or jacket as it gets cold in the afternoon.

There is a porta-potty at the entrance.