She Did it Anyway

In this empowering Mini Intensive self care workshop, you will be pampered and nurtured! We will write the story of what we have overcome in life and how we will choose to guide our life in the future by continuing to climb every mountain and jump over every hurdle to live our dreams.

Beginning with morning yoga/taichi/qigong or mindful moving mediation time by the beach, this will be just what you need to help you appreciate your worth and empower you to live the life you were meant to live.

After breakfast is served, we will spend the morning doing the life changing workshop “She Did it Anyway”.

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Not only will you will leave with a creative soulful book, to remind you of your heroine story, but most importantly,  a revived spirit and the knowledge that you can do anything. You are your own hero.

Every heroic woman has had to overcome adversity, challenges and failures…one common trait in all heroines is that they have all chosen to look their difficulties in the face and move forward toward their purpose anyway.
We will be creating a collection of SHE DID IT ANYWAY book or cards, each telling the story of our own difficult challenges, and our resolve to live the life we want to live in spite of our challenges.

We will meet in person on Monday or Wednesday at 10am until 1pm at the restaurant Playa Provisions at 119 Culver Blvd, Playa del Rey, CA.

Mini intensive mindfulness, breakfast and She Did it Anyway Workshop & Kit $85

She Did it Anyway Workshop & Kit $185


email me to sign up! Space is limited to 10.

Terms & Conditions: Airfares are not included. Non-Refundable tuition required to book your spot. Full pay due at booking. No refunds will be given by Eco Art Journeys for any cancellations, as we need to be able to book the place and services well in advance, however, you may transfer your reservation to a friend or family member.

You are worth it! You deserve this time for yourself, for your restoration and your self-love. Don’t delay