Eco-Art Journey of Service Nicaragua

We have two dates and two locations (Jiquilillo and Las Salinas)

Join us on April 25- May 1/2018 or May 1-7/2018.

Life is so busy, we sometimes feel like we are rushing through life and barely have time to “smell the flowers” or even take a LONG shower often enough… and we seem to never have the time and space to allow ourselves to slow down and reconnect with our soul and our purpose.

It is a sign of self-worth when we don’t allow ourselves to rest, to act in alignment with our soul’s purpose.  We are hustling so hard sometimes that we lose track of what really is important. We have so many roles in our lives, motherhood, wife, employees, business owners, friends, sisters, and we want to be everything to everyone and don’t limit what we take on, and prioritize our most important tasks with what is our most important goal to achieve.

So we end up feeling burned out, lacking purpose in our life, feeling lost in your calling.

If you feel overwhelmed with the demands of your job and roles that all you can think of is escaping somewhere warm and rural, surrounded by nature, kind souls where you can nourish yourself (mind, body and spirit)- I have just the solution for you!!

You came to the right place!

Join us on an unforgettable experience of deep soul work in a gorgeous and tranquil natural setting, where we will nourish our mind, body, and souls in the beautiful and diverse country of Nicaragua where you will be able to disconnect from the noisy world and reconnect with yourself, you’s souls longing, healing the past stories that keeping you working on overdrive and rewriting your story form the heroine perspective, also learning new boundaries to keep yourself sane and thriving. We will also have an opportunity to meet and fall in love with the sweet community and local women’s collective, support and empower them in tangible ways and change the way you show up in the world.

The journey is 6 nights and 7 days of amazing soul connection and impact work– Join us on April 25- May 1/2018 or May 1–7/2018

This video beautifully captures the vibe of the place and its people…

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Imagine a retreat where you are immersed in the wilderness surrounded by spectacular natural beauty. The time you have been craving to unplug from this noisy world and reconnect with yourself and other amazing souls who come in our journeys.

Allowing yourself to deeply listen to your mind, body, and soul and heal from the core.

You will come into a deep stillness and peace while cultivating mindfulness and the inner art of meditation, while we practice Qigong and Taichi or yoga.

As awareness grows you learn from your own experience and the teachings of the natural world. Over time those layers that keep your heart hardened to your own inner voice softens and your heart opens with appreciation and love for the power of nature and everything within it. As you get these realizations you will use different art mediums to express yourself in this discovery process.

Tune in with your mind, body and soul’s needs, prioritize your self-care  and mindfulness as a regular practice and develop the boundaries to keep you sane. Moreover, the boundaries that will allow for more self-love, because when you are well taken care of, others around you do even better.

Imagine waking up in raw nature with birds singing and drink your coffee/tea while gently swinging in a hammock? imagine practicing mindfulness and daily Qigong/Taichi or yoga in nature…getting some solitude to disconnect from all the stimuli and also have amazing connections with yourself and others?

Picture yourself being surrounded by nature, that promote inspiration and reconnection, inspiring your artistic self-expression through music, painting, dancing, poetry…


As part of the cultural immersion experience, participants can choose to take part on activities and initiatives pursued in collaboration with communities in Nicaragua, and in partnership with other participating organizations with the shared vision of alleviating poverty through improved education and enhanced self-employment opportunities.

As we heal from the inside out, naturally we want to aid others who are underserved. From a full cup, overflows joy, compassion, care, deep love.

If you love helping other women and children? If you want to travel for the purpose of not only nourishing yourself but to make a difference in other people’s lives, then you need to join our next retreat!

Your fellow travelers share your appreciation of the earth, the local community where we will immerse culturally and in a hands-on approach.

Retreat Includes:

  • Daily Eco-Art Journaling and reflection exercises in a workshop style, where we will dive deep into your dreams, passions, desires for your life and help you develop a self-care plan to keep you on target to meet your goals and design the life you want to have. (Value $1200)
  • Transportation to and from the airport ($300)
  • 1) 60-minute Full body massage (value $140)
  • Daily yoga and/or Taichi (Value $250)
  • 1 full hour coaching session (value $960) to be scheduled as a follow-up.
  • One-two Impact work days with the local community : The opportunity to have a cultural immersion, offer workshops with the local women’s collective, sponsor a meal at “El Limonal” (where people live in a dump),Turtle Hatchery,Artwork with School and/or Women’s Cooperative, Teaching English at School, Working with carpentry program, helping with computers class at school, and other service opportunity available-(Value-priceless).
  • (TOTAL VALUE $1,850)

  • (Investment: US $1,250– Early Bird Pricing).

  • (early bird pricing ends 04/15/18) Post early-bird cost is US$1450

  • Shared accommodation priced separately. Discounted group rate starting at $85 p/night of shared accomodation for a minimum of 7 nights. Single Accommodation available for an added fee.

Email us for details at

Service Retreat Nicaragua- deposit


Nicaragua Eco Art Journeys of Service $1450 Post-early bird


Terms & Conditions:


What’s not included

  • Airfares are not included.
  • Accommodation and Meals not included- and are priced separately.
  • Final Payment due 1 month prior to arrival.
  • Travel Insurance is mandatory.

Additional Optional Activities:

  • Estuary/Mangrove Sunrise paddleboard/kayak session. $35 USD
  • Cerro Negro Volcano Hike and Sandboarding followed up by trip to Leon. $50 USD
  • Leon City Revolutionary tour $5
  • Juice / smoothie bar as well as cocktail bar, beer & wine for purchase at Monty’s.
  • Pool and beach volleyball court are free to use at Monty’s.


  • Book a round trip flight to Augusto C. Sandino International Airport in Managua.
  • It is recommended that you arrive in Managua to meet everyone for a celebratory dinner and stay at a hostel together, then get picked up by shuttle as a group next morning and travel together to Jiquilillo.
  • Transportation to/from Managua in van.


Travel Insurance is mandatory at the time of booking to cover any cancellations.

Non- refundable deposit. No Refunds will be given by Eco Art Journeys for any cancellations 6 weeks prior to the trip, as we need to be able to book the place and services well in advance, however you may transfer your reservation to a friend or family member.

You are worth it! You deserve this time for yourself, for your restoration, your self-care and to love and impact our beautiful world in a positive way!

Payment plans available at least 3 month prior to the trip. Please ask and we are happy to work with you to help you get to our EcoArt Journeys of Service/ Retreat in Nicaragua.

There are several fantastic locations in Nicaragua where we retreat in a natural sanctuary and disconnect from the world to reconnect with ourselves. One of them is Las Salinas, and Jiquilillo.

In Las Salinas de Nahualapa, is the southern part of the country, and the community is fantastic! Our hosts at Equilibrio Nicaragua (Gabriela and James) are incredible and are very involved in the community. The Founded a non-profit organization (Aprender Fundacion) and we are partnering with them, to fulfill their mission to create educational opportunities for rural Nicaragua. They have many projects where people can serve and get involved.

Here is a video of their Eco Lodge:

Equilibrio Ecolodge


Also you can join others who have begun an amazing work at some of the poorest areas of these countries and empower their women and children. This Latin American countries is very diverse- both culturally and biologically, but are in great need of help. There are so many opportunities to get involved and make a difference.

Jiquilillo, (Northern) Nicaragua– Where we will work with an amazing collective of women (Padre Ramos Women Collective) to help them get trained in different skills for them to generate the income to provide for their family. We are partnering with Monty’s Beach Lodge and Together Works Society to bring volunteers who feel called to make impact work while traveling.

Also, I have created a fundraiser to support these women in buying their tools for jewelry making and for their craft.  For more details click here:


Las Salinas and Jiquilillo are remote fishing villages that provide a snapshot of authentic Nicaraguan life. Most local families live in small ranchos (palm roof huts) ‒ the typical Nicaraguan home of this region.

The villages are a perfect example of how Nicaraguan families provide for themselves using the limited resources available to them. Village life is quiet and laid back. The people are warm, friendly and welcoming.

Foreign visitors are a novelty here. If you speak any Spanish (and even if you don’t) whenever you visit the beach or pulperia (shop), chances are someone will chat to you. You may even be invited to join them fishing!

If you are able to learn some common Spanish words your experience will be enriched. Jiquilillo has no services beyond a few tiny “pulperias” selling sodas, snacks, cigarettes, beer, rum and essentials like soap.

Currently in this village there is a movement to support the locals with house building projects, a vocational school, workshops and feeding the people who live in a dump. This is one of the most heart wrenching and hear expanding experiences you will live.

*Volunteer opportunities vary and will be coordinated depending on the participant’s skills and the highest need in the community. These opportunities will be arranged in coordination with the NGOs working locally with the communities.

** If you feel called to bring donations, those are very appreciated, also you are welcome to donate: clothes, toys, shoes, personal health products, art and educational supplies, jewelry making tools, computers, other tools, etc. Please let us know in advance, so the receiving NGO’s can process the paperwork to bring it into the country.

*** You will be required to buy travel insurance that cover medical among other things while going abroad to Nicaragua.

Retreats are 6 nights and 7 days.

Day 1: TRAVEL The first day is for arrivals into the capital city Managua, where all participants will meet at a near by hotel for a nice dinner and a meet and greet.

Day 2: INTEGRATION- Early in the morning we will meet for breakfast and then the entire group will travel to the retreat location, which is approximately 3 hrs by car. We will get the just in time for lunch, and to meet our hosts, the women’s collective and enjoy our surroundings… that afternoon and evening is to relax and take it all in. Massages can be booked for this day.

Day 3 & 4: IMPACT WORK– The next morning we will all gather for a qigong (deep breathing and mindful meditation) then we will meet for breakfast. We will have our first mind-body-soul  workshop and our first meeting with the ladies from the collective. We will also plan the rest of the days and coordinate the activities each participant wants to engage in. The next service opportunity will take place right after lunch and we will have  some more  impact work with the community. You will have free time to wander, take a swim in the ocean, in the late pm.

Day 5 & 6:  INTEGRATION Any early activities (like sunset paddle boarding, canoeing, etc) will take place very early in the morning. We will begin the day with a Taichi class, followed by breakfast and then our workshop. The rest of the afternoon and evening will be for restorative integration and rejuvenation in a natural setting. 

Day 7:  TRAVEL- We will have a Taichi session followed by breakfast and we will have a closing ceremony before we head out back to Managua to our flights home.

IMPORTANT: Meals, accommodation, transportation to and from airport and some activities are included. Any arrivals outside of the noted time frames will be at the participant’s expense. Please ensure you have local currency with you to facilitate your moving around and when coordinating the air tickets participants must ensure there is plenty of time to meet with the retreat host at the agreed place and time.

Please email us at with any question and we can’t wait for you to join our trip!

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Some of the areas of opportunity to serve and where skills are needed:

  • Literacy
  • English
  • Languages (translator)
  • Computer skills
  • Massage therapy
  • Sewing
  • Painting
  • Singing
  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Jewelry
  • Baking
  • woodwork
  • Farming
  • Nutrition
  • Personal Health
  • Esthetician
  • Manicurist/Pedicurist
  • Nursing
  • Furniture Making
  • House building
  • Water  and septic systems
  • Surf instruction
  • Water Sport instructors