Eco Art Journeys uses a holistic approach to personal transformation and social change by utilizing the healing powers of art, nature, philanthropic travel and collaborations. 

We craft and curate customized transformational travel experiences or “Journeys” in nature and through art that bring forth deeper self-connection, change, healing, awareness and social change.

Check our mission and vision page to find out how we want to change the lives of women around the world here


  • The FREE SOUL BOOK Gathering Experience: An afternoon of fun, soulful art, and sisterhood on TBD for more details click here
  • She did it Anyway: TBD
  • Truth Cards: TBD



  • Eco Art & Service retreat Nicaragua – May 2018 – Click here
  • Eco Art Service Retreat Los Cabos México TBD –click here
  • Retreat in Style! Paris Soul Expansion RetreatSeptember 2018 Date TBD
  • Eco Art & Memoir Writing Retreat- British Columbia, Canada October 2018 date TBD
  • Ayurvedic Healing and Soul Nourishing Retreat. India January 2019
  • Spiritual Journey of Healing Bali, Indonesia- April 2019
  • Restore to your Wild Self Retreat– Playa Del Rey -TBD click here
  • Eco Art Service Retreat Los Cabos México click here 
  • Asheville, North Carolina  TBD
  • Whidbey Island, WA, TBD
  • Vilnius, Lithuania- TBD
  • Ecuador, October, TBD
  • Maui, Hawaii,TBD

Get ready to experience the beauty of nature, the tranquility it inspires, the lesson it teaches and then the inspiration it gives you to create, to get in tune with your inner voice, to speak your truth, live a more authentic and joyful life. Reconnect with your authentic self, re-ground yourself to your core desires, needs, and inner wisdom through Yoga, Taichi/qigong, art and nature in amazingly beautiful and peaceful locations.


At Eco Art Journeys we use nature’s wisdom and nature guided walking meditations, to teach us about ourselves and the world we live in. We use art as a catalyst for transformation for healing, for processing the feelings and emotions that come up during soul explorations that aren’t easy to articulate sometimes, in that space where creating and nature’s wisdom merge is a very special pearl of wisdom that is offered to you by your own inner guidance that helps voice the deep pain, trauma and hurt or limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in a cycle. If you want to read more about the effects of nature on your health click here. If you want to learn more about how art healsclick here.  Also if you want to learn more about Yoga, Taichi and Qigong and how it improves your health, click on each word.

We use art journaling, coloring, perhaps a painting, a collage, a dance, a photograph, a song or anything that sparks your creativity and self- expression to brings forth discoveries of your inner life, perhaps new possibilities for different choices to attain wellness, a more meaningful and purposeful life.

Being stuck in the daily grind or the rat race prevents any kind of creativity from springing up! So here we offer an opportunity to replenish your soul, your body, and your mind, we hope to create the space to find inspiration, relaxation, nurturing yourself, and exploring your soul for healing and to even perhaps rediscover your passions.

Our retreats are themed journeys of self-discovery, soul searching, personal insight, conflict resolution and inner healing engaged through connecting with nature and letting it teach us so then we can engage our artistic expression. Nature teaches us a new language and it shows us how we can use our individual life experiences for healing, connection, transformation, and empowerment and it is our mission to bring this healing and empowerment to underserved communities.

During our Soul Explorations, we use art journaling as a catalyst for healing, we give or trauma a voice and meaning by providing expressive art workshops to support emotional healing.

We’re different from other art programs. Our Eco Art Journeys curriculum contains guided exercises, rather than loosely formatted art sessions. These exercises are specially designed to elicit emotional responses. Participants leave encouraged, with enhanced clarity and insight.

Eco Art Journeys is not Art Therapy.

We are NOT an Art Therapy provider.  We share art as a tool for self-expression and self-exploration. The structure of the Eco Art Journeys sessions makes clear that the leaders are facilitators of the creative process, not therapists guiding it. EAJ facilitators don’t offer any interpretation or diagnosis.

The focus remains on the participants in charge of their own exploration. The fact that this process is therapeutic DOES NOT make it art therapy.

Art therapy is actually a legally separate institution and field of practice.

The retreats provide an opportunity to explore your deepest longings, connect with and heed natural callings in yourself, and others, break down limiting beliefs and fall deeply in love with your authentic self, heal past hurts, develop the courage to follow your dreams, learn to follow your intuition to develop your full potential, by discovering and embracing your purpose and your calling to be an agent of change

Who: All abilities /ages and anyone interested in deeper self-exploration, creative process, nature exposure and explorations, rejuvenation, and adventure.

*Opportunities for community service will vary depending on location.