Mind, Body & Soul Intensive @ the Beach.

Are you finding yourself so overwhelmed by your job, business and family demands that you can’t even see yourself taking a week off for a retreat or “staycation”?

Do you ever wonder if your life is ever going to slow down?

Are you working very hard in keeping good boundaries in all your roles, but feel like you are not doing enough, and need to work ever harder?

I hear you. I see you.

I have been there SO. MANY. TIMES.

A lot of this struggles have to do with self-worth and healthy boundaries.


I have been able to identify common patterns that keep us in this race mode, lost in purpose and burned out.

If you want to find that spark in your life, if you want to live more joyfully, or align your life and your career or business, live more authentically, passionately and purposefully, let’s meet!

With the help qigong, contemplative movement in nature, art journaling for healing I can guide you to find the core underlaying issues that are keeping you stuck, uncover any limiting beliefs or old stories you may be believing about yourself that are no longer serving you and keeping you in a exhausted, cynical and low energy state. We will create a short term self-care plan.

Burnout often times is about your self-worth. Not having good enough boundaries and weak life/work balance is a symptom of low self-worth.

We will spend some soul-to-soul time and get you the tools to regain control of your energy resources, prioritize, and heal from the old stories and keep a simple mindfulness practice that will heal you improve your health, vitality and self-awareness.

What’s included:

  • Nutritious breakfast at a beach bistro and 30-45mins life’s goal assessment. (Value$250)
  • 45 mins qigong and meditation session at the beach. (Value $50)
  • 2.5 hrs of Soul-work/ art journaling/ co-creating and reminding your mind & soul of your purpose, including art supplies.( Value $250)
  • The held space to witness your soul (priceless)
  • My undivided attention and expertise to help you peel the layers and blocks preventing you to live joyfully and authentically. ( value: priceless)
  • Total value:$550

Investment: only $170 (for a limited time)

Location: Playa del Rey, CA 90293

Times: M/W/F: 10am to 2pm

**To book click here https://braveryarchitect.as.me

Allow at least a week in advance. Then Email to confirm times at info@ecoartjourneys.com

Mini Retreat Mind-Body & Soul Intensive

Eco Art Journeys Half Day Mini Intensive


Here is what some clients are saying:

What an experience!!!!!!
I met Blanca at the beach in beautiful sunshine and magical surroundings.
She introduced me to the practice of Qigong, and lead my heart to a peaceful place where I felt I was meditating as well as developing and healing into a more confident and happier me.
We went on to making MY SOUL BOOK from scratch! A wonderful art project where the pages of the book was from cut-out brown cardboard, plain and basic, and I turned it into a wonderful piece of art with the help of inspiring quotations my heart wanted to live by,
and my book would be my tool to remember. I decorated the pages with feathers, ribbons and beautiful decorative tapes that Blanca provided. I was in an artistic heaven of freedom and bliss.
I work within the arts every day, so this experience from making My Soul Book was as a huge surprise.
It felt like it was my brown cardboard pages of life, that I was allowed to decorate all over again, with the colors I wanted, the guiders to live by, and the expressions to give. The lessons I had learned was all in there in a positive twist of me owning them,
I chose me, and I was beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking at my book, touching it, happy to know that there was nothing there I wanted to be different! It was not perfect, but it was perfect for me!!! … and yet I had only completed two pages.
I had just started my discovery of collecting my beauty and selecting the words that expressed what I want to remember. It was a my blissful start of an ongoing experience to continue. Something I have in my hand, my heart, and my eye to see.
I work within the arts everyday, so the feeling of such freedom of doing something for me to please my artistic heart came as a huge my surprise! I really loved it, and it motivat me to allow happiness as the main component in my life.
I did not feel particularly stressed or depressed when we met, being that I’m a very optimistic person to begin with, but the change I felt inside was tremendous. I opened up for a bigger sense of acceptance of me and
I was able to lay off the pressure I had on my shoulders and focus only on the safe feeling of peace and newfound balance in the company of women.
It was like I was experiencing self-love for the first time. I can only imagine how amazing it must be to be in this experience for a whole week in one of her retreats.
That is a meaningful experience I wish for myself next.
I recommend this to all women!!!!!
Thank you Blanca for sharing your gift and knowledge for healing and living to grow into all we can be.”

Tonje Cicilie Nordgaard