img_5382As you may have read in the About Us page, Blanca has redesigned her career and life in spite of all the difficulties, the personal, job, health and financial issues. She is a “recovered Finance Auditor”. She has been called to the world of coaching, healing and empowerment, by what she now knows as a divine plan and life purpose.

For the most part it has taken a great deal of determination, alignment, healing and bravery. Even when she was terrified to leave her comfort zone, paralyzed by the fear of failure, all kinds of limiting beliefs and uncertainty she pull through and still did what she had to do. She took a dive in her soul, she reached out for help and reconnected with her passion, her calling and vision for the life she wanted. Only you can serve YOUR purpose, and live the life you want, and sometimes we need guidance and a little hand holding to get redirected to the right path. She can help with that! You don’t have to do it alone. In fact, you don’t want to do it alone…You see, we are wired to stay in the comfort zone and it will take a big shake out for us to want to get out of there. There are so many advantages for getting the help you need to tap into your potential and  connect with your authentic self!!! Living a passionate and purposeful life is not a luxury, it’s a necessity if you want to live a full and aligned life.

You deserve to give yourself permission to invest in your growth and your potential, you deserve a lot more than you give yourself permission to have. Click here to be redirected to her website http://www.BraveLivingCoaching.comimg_5632