Brave Girls University

We have partnered with Brave Girls Club and to share healing tools throughout the world.

So their online library of resources is called Brave Girls University and It is pretty incredible!

Life Can Be Hard…

…so Brave Girls Club gathered almost 100 soulful teachers, healers, artists, dreamers and mentors and asked them if they would share their wisdom and knowledge and gentle teachings in a circle we call Brave Girl University.

This is so Exciting!! Soul Restoration is available as the online course as a part of your subscription to Brave Girl University, so if you are unable to attend a retreat or a live event at this time – you can follow along with Melody Ross and Brave Girls around the world!  See a clip below from the new course:


See information HERE about the Online Soul Restoration course

AND there is SO much more in Brave Girl University – there are so many other soulful healing courses that you can have access to whenever and wherever you are.

These teachers (together with thousands of students around the world) have helped us create a safe, loving, healing, encouraging, beautiful place for women to come together and learn things about life and love and loss and sisterhood and bravery…

Individually the classes taught in Brave Girl University would cost thousands of dollars.
Bringing so many teachers together and offering their soul-healing classes
as a subscription means you pay only a minimal fee instead of full price.

(Just $24.95/month for access to hundreds of classes)
with videos, podcasts, printables, step-by-step instruction, projects and more! More classes are added EVERY month!!

Click  HERE for more information and to sign up for Brave Girls University

*Please note the link will redirect you to the Brave Girls University page to sign up.  Full disclosure – if you sign up through this link I get a little bonus from Brave Girls Club as a Certified Brave Girls Club Instructor (it helps pay my bills so I can keep spreading the love!)  Please email me ( with your name and address and let me know that you signed up through this link and I will send you a little love note and special gift in the mail as a Thank You!

You are beautiful and so loved!