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Eco Art Journeys uses a holistic approach to personal transformation and social change by utilizing the healing powers of art, nature, mindfulness, philanthropic travel and collaborations. 

We craft and curate customized transformational travel experiences or “Journeys” in nature and through art that bring forth deeper self-connection, self-mastery, change, healing, self-awareness and social change.


We use the power of travel as a transformative tool for education and social change. We see the deep connections and awareness that travelers experience with this modality of purposeful travel, it provides more meaning and context of the local culture. Additionally, the local people’s opportunities for growth and new skills are broadened by the intercultural interactions and educational volunteering opportunities in which we engaged with NGOs, that boosts the local’s potential to be more self-reliant and develop their own sustainable resources, and entrepreneurial skills.

The use or art as a healing tool is also another powerful element we incorporate in our journeys for processing, healing, and self-discovery.  In 2010, the American Journal of Public Health published a review titled, The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health. You can click here to read more about the impact of art on your health and your ability to heal yourself, filling occupational voids, improving well-being, decreasing negative emotions and increasing positive ones, improving medical outcomes, flow, and spontaneity, expression of grief, positive identity and social networks.

On the traveling front, Tourism is one of the most important social activities and economic sectors in the international political economy, it’s considered a global phenomenon.

According to the UNWTO (United Nation’s World Tourism Organization), currently, the industry accounts for 10% of the global GDP, 1 in 11 jobs, and is a major export sector. Sustained growth is predicted over the next two decades, “International tourist arrivals are set to increase by an average of 43 million a year between 2010 and 2013. At the projected pace of growth, we will surpass the 1 billion mark by 2015 with 1186 million and by 2030, the number is anticipated to reach 1.8 billion” (Towards Tourism 2030, UNWTO). Clearly, the economic indicators show that tourism is a growing, robust and vibrant sector of the economy. This is an incredible opportunity for communities and nations around the world to take leadership to invest in tourism products that address the UN Millennium Development Goals (particularly Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, Promote gender equality and empower women…etc)’ create global partnership for development and socioeconomic growth, promote social progress and environmental sustainability.

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Benefits of Nature: a Stanford-led study finds quantifiable evidence that walking in nature could lead to a lower risk of depression. Read more here: Stanford finds mental Health prescription: Nature

Nature Heals, soothes, restores, connects! Screen time is deadly...

“Research reveals that environments can increase or reduce our stress, which in turn impacts our bodies. What you are seeing, hearing, experiencing at any moment is changing not only your mood, but how your nervous, endocrine, and immune systems are working.

The stress of an unpleasant environment can cause you to feel anxious, or sad, or helpless. This, in turn, elevates your blood pressure, heart rate, and muscle tension and suppresses your immune system. A pleasing environment reverses that.”

Read more about this study: How nature impacts our well being. 

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Meet our Founder:

Blanca Pauliukevicius is the founder of Eco Art Journeys, Bravery Architect™ and international best-selling author . Her roots are from Venezuela and Lithuania, and immigrated to the USA after her graduate studies in the UK.

Blanca’s background for the last 20 years has been in Finance, Auditing and Operations in Venezuela, the US and the UK. She has audited Fortune 500 companies, worked in private and public organizations as well as in Higher Education. As an avid traveler and multi-passionate high-achiever, Blanca often found herself coaching family and friends in their career transitions, mentoring them in finding their purpose and aligning with their passions. She would often feed her wandering bug with her travels, and use these experiences as opportunities to serve the local communities in a variety of multicultural settings. She believes that “Meaning in life comes from impacting others positively”

As she embarked into motherhood, she saw it as an opportunity to redesign her life to meet her current needs as a mom, and use her expertise to mentor professional women and entrepreneurs to transition into the brave and joyful life they dream of by first healing from the core, aligning with their souls and thriving in their personal and professional lives- She coaches in her practice http://www.BraveryArchitect.com

Blanca developed her love for the arts in the last decade and studied courses in art, music, languages. She has always documented her life through photography (some of my books are Euro Journeys Photography,  Faces and Places Photography ). Blanca recently co-authored an the International Best-selling Anthology “The Real Journey of the Empowered Momboss” and is currently writing her upcoming memoir.


Blanca is a Brave-Living Certified Instructor, and a self-taught mixed media artist, working on a certification in Eco-Art Therapy with the Project NatureConnect Institute of Global Education and a certificate on Healing With the Arts with the University of Florida.  She uses this training to inform the process of her retreats along with nature as a channel for healing and wellness. She is also pursuing the Seeing Red Certificate: The Emerging Feminine in Turbulent Times with the Assisi Institute: The International Center for the study of Archetypal Patterns. This training is about illuminating the psychological roots of feminine oppression by giving voice and image to the authentic identities of women, addressing the trauma of feminine oppression and working with the psyche, soul, and the creative unconscious to connect with the emerging feminine.

Additionally, Blanca completed a Psych-Intuitive Coaching certification as part of the service to retreat participants and as her path to her vocation and mission to help and empower other women; to guide them in how to reconnect with themselves and develop their potential, empower them in self-care & entrepreneurial skills to raise the next wave of women leaders and healers in the world.

She loves traveling, meeting and collaborating with other women leaders often brings these magical and brilliant souls to her retreats as collaborators. She uses her love for visual and expressive arts, nature and mindfulness practices to help others heal themselves, process difficult stages in life and thrive in their life and business.

Blanca practices Taichi and Qigong several times a week, and she got immersed in wellness and self-care, leadership, community outreach and activism for women and children. She is committed to help women reconnect with themselves at a deeper level and find their calling, shift their mindsets, renew their focus and commitment to a joyful more fulfilling life, mindful self-compassion and social justice.

She hopes to create the space of silence, mind, body and soul nourishment and empowerment that everyone deserves and connect women to empower other women!


Personal Message from Blanca:

I believe we are created to live a balanced, joyful and harmonious life. Our bodies have an inner technology to guide us pretty much on everything we face in life. However, when something happens early on in life that confuses our inner compass and wisdom, we begin to ignore our body signals and that inner intelligence. As a result, we begin having self-worth issues and compensate by over-working. Then everything else is thrown off balance.

I founded Eco Art Journeys as a result of my own healing journey of chronic pain and burnout. I grew up in survival mode in a society that kept you on your toes. This experience and constant stress impacted and fueled my driven nature and constant need to “do more” or not feeling like I was “good enough”. I was a high-achiever and worked highly stressful jobs and insane hours for many years, and pushed myself beyond what my body could take, coupled with becoming a new mom later in life, my body broke down. This impacted me so much! I realized how big of a role my job played in my identity.  As I began to dig deeper, my past traumas began to heal and my purpose, my self-worth and boundaries were reclaimed. As a multicultural immigrant woman of color living in the US, I have learned a lot about resilience and also about the importance of being very clear in our identity (aside from our roles and job titles). Doing this soul work is at the core of Eco Art Journey’s mission. You can read more about my story on the book I co-authored with other amazing mom entrepreneurs “The Real Journey of the Empowered Momboss”. 

My formula with Eco Art Journeys is to develop the self-care, resiliency, self-awareness and self-mastery through live experiences combining travel and use of art, nature, mindful moving mediation and philanthropic collaborations for self-discovery and to achieve more life-work balance and a more aligned personal & professional life.

My ultimate goal is women’s empowerment and equality for a life lived to its fullest, nurturing it from the inside out (See my signature program “Healing from the Core to Align with our Soul”) and I want to support women like you through speaking at conferences and within companies, facilitating workshops and retreats, our services also include online courses, Individual and group coaching, creating a brave, passionate and joyful life!

Be sure to download my free guide “Burned Out to Living a Brave and Passionate Life”

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