Awaken In Nature; leave the rat race behind.

Video credit: Boketto Media

Are you tired of doing the same work? Or imagining your life doing the same things for the next few years? Do you feel so exhausted, lost and burned out that a weekend or a month in bed sounds like a fantastic idea?

It’s time to let your mind, body and soul rest and replenish. You can’t fulfill your mission in life if you are not well; that is why  I chose to take care of my own health instead of climbing the corporate ladder.

Taking some time off to be in nature can do wonders for you. I experienced it myself in my own efforts to heal my body and my mind from stress, and I know for a fact it works. That is whyI decided to create the space for other women to come an find solace and contemplation to course correct their lives.

Nature and Art are an amazing combination to create wellness in your life and when you add mindfulness and soul-work to that it can potentially transform your life for the better.

I want to invite you to come and join us in one of our retreats! You won’t regret it! Click here for our calendar of retreats!!! You deserve this! You are worth it!

Imagine a retreat where you are immersed in the wilderness surrounded by spectacular natural beauty.  Your fellow travelers share your appreciation of the earth. The retreat is not held in silence, but silence is encouraged since that allows you to listen deeply to yourself and the environment. Your mind and body will come into a deep stillness and peace while cultivating mindfulness and the inner art of meditation, while we practice Qigong and Taichi or yoga.  As awareness grows you learn from your own experience and the teachings of the natural world. Over time those layers that keep your heart hardened to your own inner voice softens and your heart opens with appreciation and love for the power of nature and everything within it. As you get these realizations you will use different art mediums to express yourself in this discovery process.


Read about our missions and vision to help women reconnect with themselves and other women in underserved communities here.


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