Cultivate a kinder relationship with yourself. We often tend to run on empty trying to fulfill so many roles and excel at them, and end up burned out, cynical and plain sick.

Eco Art Journeys uses a holistic approach to personal transformation and social change by utilizing the healing powers of art, nature, mindfulness, philanthropic travel and collaborations. 

We craft and curate customized transformational travel experiences or “Journeys” in nature and through art that bring forth deeper self-connection, rest, healing, change,  self-awareness and social change. Self-care has the power to transform your life and your relationships. When we access our own body’s inner intelligence and practice mindful self-compassion in a supportive environment, we can adapt it to our daily lives and tune in with our soul’s purpose, live more balanced, authentic and joyful lives.

Mission (Español click aqui)

Eco Art Journeys uses a holistic approach to personal transformation and social change by utilizing the healing powers of art, nature, mindfulness practices and philanthropic travel.

Eco Art Journeys Wellness and Art Retreats seek to provide women with the environment and the opportunity to heal with their core to align with their soul.

Our retreats provide for meaningful, purposeful and transformative travel journeys in natural settings and with art and self-expression, betterment of the whole person through education and by exposure to natural settings that promote healing, encouraging change from the inside out through the study of a customized curriculum for self-development, self-exploration and mindfulness practices such as yoga, Taichi and Qigong; bringing this self-awareness, empowerment, growth and impact into the communities in which we retreat.

Our goal is to encourage healing, empowerment, leadership, education and social change through philanthropic collaborations.


To become a leading social enterprise in the next 5 years in Los Angeles County occupying 5% of the market share in Southern California, generating a global social impact, in wellness, education, empowerment for disenfranchised women and their communities.

Eco art Journeys will accomplish that by promoting social change and incentivizing communities through bringing together educators, professionals, entrepreneurs, volunteers and healers to help and train the community members as part of their service component, and promote self-sufficiency, entrepreneurship and sustainable practices and resources for the local communities in which we retreat.

We will accomplish our mission by creating customized  and curated retreats for the particular areas where we collaborate with NGO’s and attract the best, more motivated individuals to participate by providing them with a meaningful and transformational experience for their own personal growth and healing. We will encourage them to participate and volunteer in the communities and create meaningful connections, impacting one life at a time, as well as creating a ripple effect in the communities, in the future of the recipients, and by promoting and fundraising for their added impact to the projects.

Eco Art Journeys vision is for our participants to develop deeper personal awareness and healing. Those who graduate in our retreats, can apply to get certified to create the Eco Art Journeys in their communities by getting trained in our curriculum and learning how to run this business model and by partnering with us and expanding this vision in the world, developing our mission in underserved communities in the world.

As our graduated partners pass on the knowledge and skills onto other women in underserved communities, locally and globally, promoting social change, healing and betterment of the whole person. This vision impacts and will paves the way for communities to be able to create business opportunities for themselves and their fellow countrymen, becoming agents of change, incentivizing growth, community empowerment, promoting self-reliance, self-esteem and a way for individuals to thrive and achieve their full potential, heal, grow and connect with self and others in their community.

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“What an experience!!!!!!

I met Blanca at the beach in beautiful sunshine and magical surroundings.
She introduced me to the practice of Qigong, and lead my heart to a peaceful place where I felt I was meditating as well as developing and healing into a more confident and happier me.

We went on to making MY SOUL BOOK from scratch! A wonderful art project where the pages of the book was from cut-out brown cardboard, plain and basic, and I turned it into a wonderful piece of art with the help of inspiring quotations my heart wanted to live by,
and my book would be my tool to remember. I decorated the pages with feathers, ribbons and beautiful decorative tapes that Blanca provided. I was in an artistic heaven of freedom and bliss.
I work within the arts every day, so this experience from making My Soul Book was as a huge surprise.
It felt like it was my brown cardboard pages of life, that I was allowed to decorate all over again, with the colors I wanted, the guiders to live by, and the expressions to give. The lessons I had learned was all in there in a positive twist of me owning them,
I chose me, and I was beautiful. I couldn’t stop looking at my book, touching it, happy to know that there was nothing there I wanted to be different! It was not perfect, but it was perfect for me!!! … and yet I had only completed two pages.
I had just started my discovery of collecting my beauty and selecting the words that expressed what I want to remember. It was a my blissful start of an ongoing experience to continue. Something I have in my hand, my heart, and my eye to see.

I work within the arts everyday, so the feeling of such freedom of doing something for me to please my artistic heart came as a huge my surprise! I really loved it, and it motivat me to allow happiness as the main component in my life.
I did not feel particularly stressed or depressed when we met, being that I’m a very optimistic person to begin with, but the change I felt inside was tremendous. I opened up for a bigger sense of acceptance of me and
I was able to lay off the pressure I had on my shoulders and focus only on the safe feeling of peace and newfound balance in the company of women.
It was like I was experiencing self-love for the first time. I can only imagine how amazing it must be to be in this experience for a whole week in one of her retreats.
That is a meaningful experience I wish for myself next.
I recommend this to all women!!!!!

Thank you Blanca for sharing your gift and knowledge for healing and living to grow into all we can be.”

Tonje Cicilie Nordgaard



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Soul Book Journeys Reviews:

“I am so glad I made it out to Venice (Soul Book Gathering) today. It was better than I expected. Totally worth the long bus ride back home. 
I walked into a place I had never been to. Sat and talked with people I had never met before. That is HUGE for me. I am most definitely an introvert. So this was completely going out of my norm. I am tired of my norm. 
It was so good to sit and work on something so hugely important…as is your…SOUL. It was great to share the love of art and creativity with others. It did my heart and soul good.” Alma Hernandez


“It was such a blessing to attend and start my soulbook but most importantly to be in the presence of Blanca giving the gift of herself to the soulbook women. it was amazing to watch.Carrie Gonnel